Every time we get a break from the league due to international games I get a strong abstinence for Fulham. The sad thing is that with the break a period of less media coverage follows. So when I long for some Fulham related material to fill the void I cant find much.Therefor I was pleased to find some good stuff on The Hammy End Chronicle this morning. A very well written, and thoughtful text on Liams departure from Fulham.

Furthermore Brian (from Craven Cottage Newsround [CCN]) has taken a break from packing the moving van and put together an article that covers so many things that I can’t be asked to list them all. Just read it!

Nice to know that some people is dedicated to fill my void 😉

Obviously, it is also very nice to have Daniel Crawford back in action here on HammyEnd.com – please join me in saying welcome back buddy!