Fulham still do not know the exact nature of Brian McBride’s injury although it is clear that the American striker will need surgery.

The club’s Head Physiotherapist Jason Palmer, announced today :

“Brian suffered a dislocated patella, which was promptly repositioned by our Club Sports Physician,” Palmer explained. “Within a couple of hours after the game he was reviewed by an orthopaedic specialist, who confirmed that Brian’s injury will require surgical intervention.

“Further investigations will be carried out on Brian’s knee over the next couple of days, the results of which will determine the exact nature of the surgery.”

McBride suffered the injury while scoring the opening goal against Middlesbrough on Saturday and is likely to be out for some three months.

Fulham went on to lose the game 2-1, suffer a serious injury to a second player, Hameur Bousazza, and have the replacement ref Andy D’Urso and his linesman Ian Gosling refuse a second goal after the ball had clearly crossed the line.