Can they do it again?Rarely, very rarely do you get to see a game that is not involving your own team but still makes you feel good and brings a smile to your face. Last week it was the ManU-AC Milan game just because it was such a great game. Then we got to see some great goals, incredible set ups and a passing game which is rarely seen these days in international football.

Sometimes Christmas comes twice in one week (and it’s not even December). My second treat is obviously the Chelsea loss last night – well in fairness it was a win for Liverpool but what I celebrate today is the fact that Chelsea lost (The NOT so Special One in particular).

Not only did last nights game not send Chelsea to Athens, it also means that maybe, just maybe we get to see a weakened and less interested Liverpool side at Craven Cottage in a few days.

So pretty please Senor Benitez, send your reserves or even better the U16s and let all the adult staff at Liverpool FC join in the celebrations.

Well done Liverpool, and good luck in the finals!