The Premier League’s under-fire chief executive Richard Scudamore faced searching new questions over the Carlos Tevez affair last night as Fulham weighed in behind Sheffield United’s bid to avoid relegation.

In a letter sent to Scudamore yesterday from Fulham’s director and legal advisor Stuart Benson, the club warn the League they will seek a judicial review unless they can prove an independent commission followed correct procedure in failing to dock West Ham points for breaking third-party ownership rules.

The hard-hitting letter, a copy of which has been obtained by the Daily Telegraph, goes on to ask the following questions:

Whether the League would consider postponing next week’s annual summer meeting until after an arbitration hearing considers Sheffield United’s request to re-examine the commission’s decision.

Whether Fulham could join Sheffield as a party in the arbitration.

“If the Premier League are seeking to exclude either of these clubs [West Ham and Sheffield United], on what basis will it do so in light that a deduction of points from West Ham or differently constituted commission might result in that club being relegated rather than Sheffield?” F

Benson says that legal experts have been advised of flaws in the independent commission’s reasoning process. “These flaws can be categorised under two familiar headings: taking account of irrelevant factors and failing to take account of relevant factors,” he said.

This refers to the decision to fine West Ham £5.5 million and not deduct points being partly based on concerns not to punish supporters and the fact it was almost the end of the season, making docking points an even more severe punishment.

But the biggest threat to the League is that Fulham have officially placed Scudamore on “notice of judicial review”. The League were last night preparing a response. Sources indicated they will not postpone next week’s meeting and Fulham will not join the arbitration process.