Fulham manager Chris Coleman has had his car bugged by his wife because she fears he has been having an affair, according to reports in today’s tabloids.

Belinda Coleman ordered a private investigator to attach a £2,000-listening device with an electric tracker to her husband’s Range Rover a fortnight ago because she thought he was being unfaithful. She told a tabloid reporter: “This is so hard for me. Please understand that I can’t say anything. I need to talk to my husband.”

Fulham manager Coleman, who has been married to Belinda for fourteen years, was contacted by the Sun yesterday in relation to the story. Friends of the couple told the tabloid that she became certain that he was cheating with at least two other women and went to ‘amazing lengths’ to uncover the truth.

Mrs Coleman hired Bradfordbased surveillance experts JMB investigations to rig his 4X4 with the top of the range snooping devices. She then reportedly informed the firm’s boss, Javid Butt, to send a specialist on a day when Coleman was at a match.

The expert from JMB took four hours to install the high-tech equipment behind the car’s dashboard, which allowed Mrs Coleman to listen to any sounds made in the car.

She was also said to have been “especially impressed” by the GPS tracing device, which pinpointed the location of Mr Coleman’s car at any given time and relayed the information to his wife on a secure website. There is no suggestion that the investigation found any evidence of infidelity.

Coleman has been in charge at Craven Cottage since taking over from Jean Tigana initially on a temporary basis in April 2003 with Fulham in danger of relegation from the top flight. He has come under pressure as Fulham’s performances have flatlined in the past couple of months. The Welsh international’s playing career came to an abrupt end after a horrific car crash in January 2001 saw him break his leg in several places.