Fulham midfielder Simon Elliott continues to hope for a return to first team football before the end of the season in May.

The New Zealand international suffered an achilles injury before the season got underway and then had a setback in his recovery in the autumn.

Elliott is happy with the way his recovery is now progressing and hopes to get the all-clear from the surgeon, for more serious training, in the next fortnight.

Elliott explained “In recent weeks I’ve started to see the light at the end of the tunnel which is really pleasing for me.”

“I think injury recovery is always a tricky one. Of course there are targets set for you which you’re keen to meet but I think you have to take it with a grain of salt because you might reach some targets sooner than expected whereas others perhaps might take longer.

“I’m hoping to continue with my running and then start to build up the footballing side of things, the lateral movement with a football and then hopefully trying to get into one-on-one training sessions.

“I’d say that I’m cautiously optimistic about returning to full training before the end of the season at this stage.

“At the moment I’m just looking forward to my newest goals, the running and the ball work. It must be said though that I’d be disappointed if I wasn’t training on a full-time basis with the fellas by the end of the season.”