Fulham manager Chris Coleman has told a section of the Craven Cottage faithful to take a reality check following his side’s 1-0 win over Everton.

Coleman had some harsh words for the Fulham fans who had booed his side off at the break after a lacklustre first 45 minutes.

He said: “I wasn’t unhappy with my players. I’m not saying we had played well but sometimes that happens.

“There are a few of our fans in the corner by the tunnel – and it’s always the same ones – who, if we are not 2-0 up at half-time, will generally boo us off.

“I have been here a long time and I can’t remember, when I joined, us playing in the Champions League. But I can remember where we were compared to where we are now and I have got a long memory.

“We are not going to come here every week and play beautiful football to win games – we are not good enough to do that. We have to win scrappy games. I told the players not to worry that they had been booed off. The players know me, I tell them what I see and I don’t kid them on.

Most of our crowd are great but there is a certain section that have short memories, unfortunately. We were 0-0 with Everton, who had been on a great run and were sixth, so that’s not bad. It was a shame we didn’t play very well in the first half but we dug in as we can’t have it all our own way all the time.”