Former Fulham midfielder Sean Davis last night accused Fulham’s Michael Brown of trying to break his leg.

Davis made the claim after Brown was given a straight red card for a two-footed second-half tackle in the match between Portsmouth and Fulham on Saturday.

Fulham manager Chris Coleman admitted Brown deserved his red card. He said:

“It was a sending off. Brownie got it wrong although both players went in strongly. We’ve got no arguments.”The Portsmouth midfield player Davis accused Michael Brown of trying to break his leg after a belligerent two-footed challenge that resulted in a red card for the Fulham player.

It was not a particularly heated game, but the challenge left Davis incensed.

“He tried to break my leg,” Davis said. “I know because I saw him look at me and I know he tried to do me. I didn’t want to go down because I didn’t want to show that he hurt me, but he did catch me. I think if I’d gone for (it) a bit more he could have broken my ankle.”

“He was at Spurs, I was at Spurs,” Davis said. “We’ve won the game, he’s got sent off so I don’t hold grudges. But if that’s what you have to reduce him to then that’s what happens. He’s only an average player anyway.”

Davis and Brown have what Redknapp, the Portsmouth manager, termed a “history”.

He said “They don’t like each other so I knew something would kick off.”

The FA last night confirmed that their Compliance Department will be reviewing footage of the incident this morning.