Fulham have said that they will conduct a full investigation into the pitch invasion after their win against Chelsea.

Supporters clashed after Fulham fans ran on to the pitch to celebrate a 1-0 win and Chelsea supporters also broke through barricades at Craven Cottage.

Fulham chairman Mohamed Al Fayed said: “Some of them are hooligans but most of them behaved.”

The Football Association is also expected to investigate the trouble.

Around 30 to 50 Chelsea fans charged through the stewards in response to taunts by Fulham supporters and around five or six fights broke out across the pitch.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho said he was disappointed if there had been problems with the crowd.

He said: “We have unbelievable fans and I feel sorry for them because we didn’t get the result.

“They always support us in a great way. I hope they are unhappy with the result but they can control themselves.

“I also hope Fulham know how to win. I know this is not something that happens a lot for them but I hope they can interpret the big victory in a good way and respect Chelsea people.”

Fulham boss Chris Coleman said: “I’m told there was a bit of trouble and there were one or two idiots on the pitch. There’s no place for idiots at Fulham.”