Chris Coleman will order his Fulham players to erase the drubbing they were given by Arsenal from their minds.

Coleman’s team were torn apart by the Gunners, who were inspired by two-goal Thierry Henry. Things got so bad that Zat Knight and Moritz Volz almost came to blows at half-time but the Fulham boss admits Arsenal were simply untouchable.

Coleman said: “Volzy got the run-around from Henry but when he’s in that sort of form he will give any defender the run-around. It was difficult for Volzy but he’s a machine. Mentally he’s very strong and he will be okay next weekend.”

He added: “They all got the run-around. Malbranque and Boa Morte got the run-around and they’re our best players.

“I don’t want to be telling my guys the bad things they’ve done. I’d still be in the dressing room if I was doing that.

“If I harp on about that performance all week, we would go into the Everton game with bad feelings. We’ve got to forget about it. There’s nothing we can do in a coaching session to put that right.”

The Fulham manager could not help but admire Arsenal’s attacking flair as they beat his team at Craven Cottage.

Coleman said: “I’ve seen them all season and they haven’t played like a team who can win the Champions League.

“But if they maintain that form we are all in for a tighter championship race next season.”