Fulham have denied that any deal was in place for Aberdeen defender Kevin McNaughton to have a trial with the club.

The Scottish left back has been extensively quoted in newspaper reports admitting his disappointment that the Premier League side had cancelled a proposed trial where they were due to judge his suitability ahead of a potential signing. But Fulham released a statement this afternoon admitting they were perplexed by these comments, saying that the only interaction between the parties had been a speculative inquiry from McNaughton’s agent.

The club’s full statement reads as follows:

“In light of recent reports in the Scottish press regarding the player Kevin McNaughton from Aberdeen, the Club is perplexed at the comments allegedly coming from Aberdeen F.C. regarding the player supposedly being promised a three day trial with Fulham as no dialogue whatsoever had taken place between the two clubs regarding the player.

McNaughton’s agent had made a speculative approach to ascertain any potential interest in seeing the player train. Nothing at this time was agreed. Fulham Football Club would like to make it clear that if it was interested in a player at another club, a direct approach to that club would be made, and it would not attempt to secure the services of a player through any other route.

If the Club had decided that it wanted to see Kevin McNaughton, it would then have been the responsibility of the senior management team at Fulham to liaise directly with Aberdeen F.C. As there was no interest, no contact was made. Therefore the Club is disappointed that these comments have appeared in today’s press.”