Fulham manager Chris Coleman is convinced chairman Mohamed al Fayed plans to remain in charge of the club.

Businessman John Wallis, a lifelong Fulham fan who made his millions in the entertainment industry, has been linked with a big money takeover deal.

Wallis watched Fulham’s impressive 2-0 win over Liverpool on Saturday and is understood to have held talks with Al-Fayed, the often controversial Harrods owner.

But Coleman revealed he had already investigated the matter and had been assured no shake-up is on the immediate horizon.

He said: “I spoke to the chairman on Monday morning and he was as enthusiastic as he ever was.

“The guy John Wallis was there on Saturday and I understand there have been talks about marketing but there is no truth in the story he wants to buy Fulham.

“The chairman was delighted by the result on Saturday and I know he holds Fulham Football Club dear to his heart.

“He has done well in the last eight or nine years to get us to where we are and I can’t see him letting someone else come in and take it forward because we can do that.

“I am totally convinced it won’t happen. I can only go on what I’m told and my gut feeling but I would be amazed if the chairman was to sell the club, certainly now anyway.

“I speak with him all the time and he has as much enthusiasm now as he ever had. In football there are always stories but as far as I’m concerned there is no truth in the rumours.”