Pundit Chris Kamara has revealed he turned down the chance to become Fulham’s director of football.

Kamara has carved out a successful career in the media since leaving his position as Stoke City manager in April 1998.

But he was offered the opportunity to return to the game last year, when Chris Coleman asked Kamara to become his director of football.

The 47-year-old concedes he was tempted by the prospect of working with Coleman but admits he is happy in his current environment.

“The calls keep coming but at the moment there is nothing that really tempts me,” Kamara told Sky Sportzine.

“I was tempted when Fulham offered me the director of football last year.”

Kamara believes he would be ideally suited to a director of football role and feels it is a career option he could fall back on.

He added: “Obviously chairmen watch the television and they obviously believe that I’ve got an idea of what I am talking about and hope I can bring that to their club.

“As far as being a director of football is concerned I would, by my own admission, be absolutely tailor-made for that situation.

“In January 2002, I did an article and every single one of those players, including Darren Bent and Dean Ashton, has now played in The Premiership.

“I like my job but at least I know, if anything happened, or if they decided to get rid of me because I had made a faux pas on the television, then I could turn back to football and either make it in coaching or become a director of football and make a club a few quid.”