Fulham face a goalkeeper crisis following injuries to both Mark Crossley and Jaroslav Drobny.

Crossley sustained an injury in the 4-1 defeat by the MLS All-Star’s and Drobny was the only cover. This was despite the The Czech Republic player carrying an injury from earlier in the Fulham tour of USA.

Drobny will now have the knee injury operated on.

“The knee started to get swollen and they examined it in America,” Drobny told the Czech Daily Post. “I will learn the precise diagnosis after the surgery. I will be out at least three weeks, six at the most. It is a great pity as it looked like I could be involved at the start of the season. But I cannot do anything else, I must recover as soon as possible and fight for the number one shirt again.”

Of the decision to go on in place of Crossley when he was already carrying the injury, Drobny joked: “What else could I have done? I went in and kept standing on one leg. “Fulham will start looking for a goalkeeper, but I think it will be someone on loan.”