Fulham assistant manager Steve Kean praised Fulham’s desire after the Whites survived two penalties and scored a last minute winner to rescue a point against Aston Villa.

He hopes that character will stand them in good stead for tomorrow’s trip to Liverpool.

“The match against Villa showed that we’re not just a 90 minute team, we don’t want to lie down and lose a game. In January there were only two teams who had a better month than us, Chelsea and Manchester United. There’s a spirit within the group and I think that showed during the transfer window where nobody really wanted to leave the club.

“Chris was almost criticised for not bringing anybody in, but on the other hand, nobody wanted to leave so that’s a great sign. Edwin and Boa re-signed and we’ve got players coming back from injury. It shows that we’re doing a lot of things right and something’s coming together. Two big name players wanted to stay at the club, and on top of that, players like Lee Clark have been coming back. He’s not only been performing well himself but he’s also dragging other people up a level. Now we can go up to Liverpool with a strong squad.”

We saw Liverpool the other night against Charlton and there are a few things that we’ll have up our sleeve. There are a few things we’ve seen.”