Fulham boss Chris Coleman has moved to explain why he criticised some of his club’s supporters.

Coleman was not happy with the support from the home fans during last weekend’s win over Derby County and believes the quiet nature of their home crowd made his players nervous.

The former Fulham defender has now called on the fans to get behind his team all the time.

‘I had a little pop last week at our fans, I think I understand our supporters,’ Coleman told Sky Sports News.

‘We have been inconsistent at home and they pay good money to watch us and I don’t blame them. Sometimes they get frustrated.

‘Nowadays, you want to watch a Premiership game, you have to pay a lot of money and you expect to be entertained and we haven’t always done that this season.

‘We certainly didn’t do it last Saturday in the first half, we were poor, but in the second half we did and should’ve killed Derby off and didn’t.

‘In extra time, we were excellent and there was only one team in it.

‘What I said was we had the same support from the Hammersmith end behind the goal who always sing and are very, very good, while other parts of the ground are a little bit quiet and I made my point as simple as that.

‘I’ve always had a great relationship with Fulham supporters. I did as a player and they’ve been great with me as a manager.

‘When any of the players are not doing the business they’re told about it, when I’m not doing the business, I’m told about it and I didn’t think our fans were good for us last week against Derby.

‘I do exclude the fans behind the Hammersmith end and I thought they were excellent again, but I want everyone to participate.

‘When we are losing, fine give us a bit of stick, but when we were winning and winning well I didn’t hear it and that’s why I thought I’d have a pop.’