The Turkish business group trying to buy Fulham were last night locked in negotiations with owner Mohamed Al Fayed.

Millionaire Husni Falyali spent hours with Al Fayed and his team inside Harrods trying to hammer out a deal for the Premiership outfit.

Husni and his brother Halil are the men behind the consortium believed to have offered around £35million for the club.

Yesterday afternoon Falyali was given a secret tour of Craven Cottage. He was then whisked off to view their training facilities in Surrey.

The Falyali family have made their money through a string of hotels, casinos and on-line betting websites.

The brothers are both based in Northern Cyprus but have strong links with England.

Both are said to be “very close” to runaway Polly Peck tycoon Asil Nadir. Despite persistent rumours about his involvement in the proposed deal, Nadir has denied being a consortium shareholder.

One source told the Mirror last night: “They have been looking to try and get their hands on Fulham for quite a while now. There has been plenty of talks going on behind the scenes but today was the first time that a member of the Falyali family has actually visited the stadium.”

Al Fayed bought Fulham in 1997 but in recent months has decided the time is right to sell.