Fulham midfielder Sylvain Legwinski is hoping to make his return against Tottenham on 30 October.

Legwinski suffered an injury in training two days before Monday’s 2-0 defeat at Crystal Palace.

“I jumped and landed on someone else’s foot and twisted my left ankle,” Legwinski said.

“I had a scan on Monday that showed which ligaments were damaged but if everything goes well I could be back in around three weeks.”

Legwinski added: “Luckily the main ligament was fine so I should be able to recover fully with the correct rehabilitation.

“There is a lot of blood in the ankle at the moment so we are trying to settle the swelling down and get some mobility back.”

Legwinski also said that the result against Palace, who had previously not win a game this season, had left the team bitterly disappointed.

“The result wasn’t what we expected,” he added.

“We were expecting a lot from the game but events meant that getting a result was very difficult. Having Ian Pearce sent off after just five minutes was a massive blow.

“If you get someone sent off in the second half you only have a small amount of time left and it’s easier to cope with. But when you lose a player so soon it’s a different matter.”