Chris Coleman could face Football Association sanctions this week over comments which appeared to question the integrity of referees.

Boss Coleman saw red, during an incident-packed Premiership programme, believing his team had been denied three points.

Fulham boss Coleman branded referee Mark Halsey “crap” after he reversed a penalty decision at Craven Cottage following protests from Arsenal players.

The FA’s compliance unit will look closely at whether the comments made by Coleman cross the boundary between acceptable criticism and questioning an official’s integrity. An FA spokesman said: “We will be giving due consideration to the comments made by Coleman.”

Coleman’s anger will have been compounded by Halsey’s extraordinary admission later that he reversed his penalty decision after protests from Arsenal players.

Coleman blasted: “Arsenal are on one hell of a run and it takes a brave man to make a decision that ends that run. I’ll probably get into trouble for saying that but I couldn’t give a monkey’s to be honest.”

However Halsey is unlikely to face punishment as he broke no rules in simply changing his mind.

Earlier this season, Andy D’Urso was suspended for failing to proficiently apply the rules of the game after booking Blackburn’s Barry Ferguson twice but not sending him off.

Asked if he expected any action to be taken against him, Halsey said: “No, because I’ve corrected a decision before a penalty is taken.”