Moritz Volz will not be punished for accidently kicking a pensioner in the head during Fulham’s 4-3 defeat at Portsmouth last night.

The German defender crashed into a section of home fans following a second-half challenge and his boot allegedly gashed the forehead of an 88-year-old Pompey fan.

With the wound bleeding heavily, the pensioner was rushed to hospital for stitches. Witnesses claim there was a visible stud mark just above his eyebrow.

Sky television reported that a complaint was made to Hampshire police, but a spokesman said: “There will be no action taken against Volz. It was an accident.”

A group of fans close to the incident reacted angrily to the collision and Volz appeared to be involved in a minor scuffle.

Having studied a replay of the clash, Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp exonerated the Fulham player. He said: “It was not his fault, he was just off balance.”