Fulham appear to be in the clear over the Dutch football association’s investigation into Collins John’s move from FC Twente as they did not negotiate with his unlicensed agent.

Fulham signed the Liberian-born striker on a four-year deal during the January transfer window, although an ankle injury means he has yet to make a first-team appearance.

Holland’s governing body (KNVB) threatened to refer the John deal to their prosecutor if the player’s unlicensed agent, former Ipswich player Romeo Zondervan, had been involved in the move.

However, Fulham say they never spoke to Zondervan and instead negotiated with John’s solicitor.

Club spokeswoman Sarah Brookes told the Press Association: ‘The club dealt solely with the solicitor representing Collins John, and not his representative Romeo Zondervan.’

KNVB spokesman Frank Huizenga said: ‘We have questions about the agent and have put them to Twente.

‘We’ve asked them what happened in John’s move and are waiting for their answers.

‘However, it seems Twente talked directly to Fulham, rather than through Zondervan – who is unlicensed – and that would mean they acted correctly.

‘If there was a mistake, we’re not sure whether it would be us or the English FA who would deal with it, as John is now playing in England.’