Chris Coleman today spoke for the first time about the potentially lethal blood infection that put him in hospital for two weeks.

The Fulham manager returned to work yesterday after fighting septicaemia caused by a metal rod in his right leg.

The rod was inserted three years ago after injuries he sustained in a car crash and had to be removed before he was put on an antibiotics drip to treat the infection.

Coleman is well on the way to making a complete recovery but has been told not to overdo things for the next few weeks and admits the whole experience gave him a real scare.

“The reason it took so long was because I ended up getting septicaemia, which is quite nasty,” said the 33-year old.

“I woke up in the night before our game at West Ham a couple of weeks ago with the shivers and thought it was the flu.

“I thought I could wrap up for the match and would be okay but later on I felt ropey and my leg started to play up.

“I put two and two together and knew I had to get it seen to. I called the doctor out and was rushed to hospital.

“They operated on the leg half an hour after I arrived and started fighting the infection.

“It was not a major operation and the rod had already done its job. It had only been left in because it wasn’t bothering me and I didn’t have the time really.

“I have heard of other players doing the same thing and the infection could have been brought on by anything, but with hindsight I should have had it out before.”

Coleman was out on the training ground yesterday with his players for the first time since the scare.

He added: “It was great to be back at the training ground and see the lads again.

“I want to return to normal as soon as possible and concentrate on our remaining 11 games.

“I have been involved with everything recently and probably spoke to assistant manager Steve Kean more than the nurses when I was in hospital, but I was itching to return.

“I wanted to go to the FA Cup game at Manchester United last Saturday but the doctors and the chairman, Mohamed Fayed, told me to take my time.

“He came to see me and I was getting the best possible care.

“It was great that I was under no pressure from anybody to get back.

“The leg is fine but I have got to be a bit careful with my hours and get lots of rest because of the infection.

“The main thing is that I can be involved in matches and be at the training ground pretty much as I was before. I will be there for the Leeds game on Saturday.