Fulham midfielder Lee Clark has hailed the progress the club has made under the management of young boss Chris Coleman. Speaking ahead of this afternoon’s trip to Old Trafford, Clark highlighted the areas where Coleman has concentrated his efforts to improve what was a struggling side.

The former Newcastle United midfielder told Saturday’s Guardian that one of Coleman’s first task was to unite the squad and get rid of the cliques. “I don’t know if there were divisions, but we weren’t a group,” admitted Clark. “We weren’t 20 players all fighting for each other and having a bit of banter. Now that is the case. We’re a lot more together and the spirit’s better.

“From the moment Chris got the job he said we needed to be a more united team, especially when we played away. Last season we only got two wins away and those were at Sunderland at the start and Charlton at the end. That wasn’t good enough. Last season if we went 1-0 down it could end up two, three or four. Now we always feel that we can get back.

“We spend the last part of the week on tactics and getting things sorted specifically for the weekend match, whereas last season we’d just watch a video of the opposition and that would be it,” added Clark. Now we watch tapes and in training we work on things we can exploit and things we need to stop them doing.”