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Moritz Volz is grateful to Fulham manager Chris Coleman for giving him a taste of Premier League football – even if he could be about to head back to Arsenal.

The German right-back has played an instrumental role in Fulham’s rise to seventh in the table, even though flu restricted him to the first half of yesterday’s win at Blackburn.

However, the 20-year-old graduate of the Arsenal academy knows he could be sent back to Highbury at 24 hours notice if Cameroon international Lauren is given a lengthy ban for his role in the so-called Battle of Old Trafford.

Volz hadn’t played in the Premiership before this season but says his performances with Fulham have increased his belief that he can make the grade at Arsenal.

“I am grateful to Chris Coleman for giving me the chance to experience the Premiership. I’ve learnt something each week and gained confidence. I do see it as a stepping stone to being a first-team Arsenal player. I’ve been at their Academy since I was 16 and wouldn’t still be at the club if I didn’t think I could make the grade there. More importantly, they wouldn’t have kept me unless they feel the same.”