Fulham have been ordered to pay Jean Tigana £455,000 after an employment tribunal ruled in their former manager’s favour.

The tribunal, responding to an application by the former French midfielder, decided the London club had unlawfully docked Tigana two months’ wages at a rate of £125,000 per month and failed to pay him a £200,000 bonus for claiming a place in the UEFA Cup and £5,000 in rent allowance.

The Frenchman was replaced by Chris Coleman in April, two months before his three-year contract was due to expire. Tigana took Fulham to an employment tribunal in Croydon. A three-person panel at the London South Employment Tribunal Office heard evidence from Tigana and Fulham some three weeks ago.

Tigana, who was claiming £2.5m in unpaid wages and bonuses, said in a statement to the tribunal: “The only explanation I was offered was in a lawyer’s letter. It appeared to suggest I’d already been remunerated very well for my services and they could not afford to do so. In the last few months, I felt I was fighting against people who wanted to drive me out of Fulham.”

In a statement subsequently released to the press, a Fulham spokesperson said: “Since the court has not, as yet, had the courtesy to convey its decision to us it is difficult for the club to give a considered response. However we have been advised by leading counsel that in the event of the decision going against us we have strong grounds for appeal and that is the course of action we intend to take.

It is worth noting that this case is a preliminary one and represents just one of the many issues in dispute between Jean Tigana and Fulham Football Club including the club’s substantial claims against the former manager. These issues have yet to be heard by any court and will be coming before the High Court in London and a court in France in due course.”