Steve Kean was disappointed by what he called a ‘bizarre’ Fulham defeat at the hands of Everton last weekend.

The Fulham assistant manager told the club’s official website:

“It was a bizarre match, because we felt we’d started the game quite well. Everton didn’t really have any chances early on, and then the first shot they have we find ourselves a goal down. That was a real disappointment because, as I say, we’d started well.

So we were a bit shell-shocked, and then we were starting to recover, we’d created a couple of chances and got some shots off, and then, bang, we’re 2-0 down. To our credit, we kept going, tried to put some pressure on them, but you just felt that they were going to get something from every single one of their attacks – they were very quick on the break and very dangerous.

“Our problem at the moment is that we push up and try and score goals every single time we get the ball – every single time, regardless of the situation. It’s something we have to work on, as soon as we’ve had a shot, or a cross and a header, we’ve got to get back into our defensive shape very, very quickly. We left ourselves very open at times, Everton recognised that and hit us very quickly on the counter-attack.”