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Chris Coleman is considering adding some experience to his coaching staff as he prepares for his first full season in charge of Fulham.

The Premier League’s youngest manager had previously ruled out using a consultant as a sounding board as he navigates his first managerial job but has conceded that he may need some assistance in dealing with agents and the transfer market as he targets summer signings.

Speaking after tonight’s 2-1 pre-season friendly defeat by Celtic, Coleman said:

“This job is 24/7 and I have not ruled out getting someone in who I trust to help deal with agents and that sort of thing. But I did not want to bring in an experienced head to work alongside me because if that was the case I might as well have stayed as a coach. The idea was floated but that was never my intention. Steve Kean is my assistant and I have massive belief in him. He is a tremendous coach.”