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Jol on Sunderland and the lap of honour

Martin Jol’s post-match interview with Sarah Brookes took place on the pitch at the Putney End on Sunday and the accompanying video captures the post-match lap of honour after the final home game of another exceptional season:

Clint Dempsey: 22 not out

Here are all of Clint Dempsey’s goals – to date – during his magnificent season for Fulham. Well worth a look simply for the variety of different strikes (both feet, headers, inside and outside the box):

When Clint modestly mentions a change of fortune as being the reason for his great form in front of goal, his captain quickly corrects the record. Danny Murphy’s effusive praise is both deserved and enlightening:

It’s not luck, it’s his work ethic. I’ve never trained with any one like this man. I’m telling you, it’s unbelievable. He trains hard, he plays hard, and he wants to improve all the time. And that’s why he’s scored his goals.

The Texan’s matured into some player in his time at the Cottage. Let’s hope he decides to sign on the dotted line come the summer.