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Stoor wants out

It’s entirely predictable after a season of frustration that Fredrik Stoor wants to leave Fulham. What’s not for certain is who will have him after he spent a year warming the Craven Cottage bench. The Swede’s agent confirms the full back is looking for a move.

We have a few alternatives. We are looking at different options. Not that many, but a couple.

First of all, it has to be a club that is looking for a right back, and they should also be willing to pay for them because he cost [around £2m] when he joined. That’s the problem you get when you spend a year on the bench.

There were talks about a German club – for a loan – and then there was a French club interested. We are still working on those cases.

We understand that one of Stoor’s former clubs, Hammarby, were interested in giving him a route back to Sweden on loan at the start of the summer but were rebuffed.

Get your kicks from SW6

Once again I’ve survived an international break. This one has, as most know, been more eventful than most breaks with the elimination of many countries. Now we know what sixteen countries will battle it out in the Alps next summer.


I’m sad about Englands departure but I’m very pleased that the English media got what they deserved after having forced Sven out of his job. Well, how much better did you do with an Englishman at the helm?


What has happened to Bolton [I refuse to call it a “Megson effect”], why did they have to beat Man U today of all days? This does not look good for us next weekend; I hate the prospect of playing Man U when they got something to prove.


On another note, Everton impressed me today. I think we might get stuffed for the second time in a couple of weeks in Scouseland 🙁


Finally, the City of Stockholm has granted Hammarby IF to build a new ground. We only had to wait about 20 years for that decision after all the various promises. Now we can look forward to 30.000 all-seater stadium.

“Idiots and lunatics see only their own wit.”*

Man, there are more where these came from...


What a strange weekend indeed. First the debacle at the Stadium of Light putting me in misery, then on the Sunday the last games of the season in Sweden were played. For my team Hammarby, there wasn’t much to play for, out of the title race but still very safe from the drop zone. The title race was still open though, sadly enough the three teams that could claim the first spot are all three ones that I can’t stand so no matter who would win I knew I wouldn’t be too happy about it. As it turned out the former force of Swedish football, IFK Gothenburg, won their first league title in 11 years. I actually would have thought that would have pissed me off way more than it actually did.

Most of my sadness and anger was being focused towards Söderstadion where, despite Hammarby winning 4-0 and Charlie Davies scored his 1st, 2nd and 3rd goal for the season, we got reports of yet another game being temporarily abandoned. That was the third game this season, and since the number of teams in the league is quite low that is almost every 4th home game being abandoned for some time. All three times the reason has been due to things being thrown onto the pitch, toward players and/or the ref’s assistants. All three times the “missiles”, including bangers (firecrackers), plastic cups of beer, coins, lighters etc, has been thrown by the home crowd.

This is obviously something that the Swedish FA can’t allow and nor can the club. We can only speculate, but one thing is for sure these people claiming to be supporters of Hammarby has fu*ked up BIG TIME. They, and only them will be the sole reason for bringing large fines to the club, maybe forcing the singing fans to break up and be moved to other areas of the ground, the new stadium might be an all-seater stadium and most likely we’ll have a harder time to bring in the revenues because who in their right mind would like their brand associated with thugs, hooligans and vandals?

I found a link on Söderst@dions forum this after noon, and I thought that I would copy the text in the link in order for the readers who doesn’t know about Hammarby get an insight in what sort of impression our fans can make on an Englishman (albeit a Wet Spam fan).

Great football experience (Sweden)
“I was visiting Stockholm at the weekend, and a friend of mine took me to see an Allsvenskan (Swedish Premier League) match between Hammarby and Gefle. Hammarby are a team based in the south of Stockholm, and are very much the working class team of the city, with the most loyal and passionate fans, which appealed to me given the similarities with West Ham.

Anyway, so my mate is a Hammarby fan, so I went along with him and stood (yes- STOOD) in with the home fans. It was amazing. The whole of the North and East sides of the ground are terracing, so the atmosphere was just great, and the fans didn’t stop singing for the whole game, and there were so many songs I lost count. Not that I understood many of them, seen as they were in Swedish… They put premier league fans to shame. The stadium only holds about 12,000 people, but we might as well have been in about a 30,000 seat stadium given the noise everyone was making.

The supporters clubs handed out massive flags to the crowd and they have people standing facing the crowd and leading the chanting. There was such a sense of togetherness, and it was so enjoyable. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Also, the players picked for the starting XI come over and warm up right in front of the North stand, and at the end of every game (so I am told), they all come over and stand for a few minutes applauding the crowd etc.

If you are ever in Stockholm and they happen to be playing at home, I’d encourage you to go along, if you can, just for the experience. The football is Championship (maybe league 1) level, but the passion is world Class.

The game itself ended 4-3 to Hammarby, so I got my money’s worth in that aspect too. It was only 180 SEK (about 13-14 quid) to get in.

Plus they have UNICEF as a shirt sponsor like Barcelona, for which they recieve no money, but put collection buckets at all the turnstiles.

I now have a second team.” – by Conee Totty [West Ham United Online]


Most likely the blog will come back to this subject, but at the moment I’m so pissed off with the shit heads who are destroying our club that I find it hard to focus on writing.

* The quote which was used as heading to this text is by: François de la Rochefoucauld (1613-1680), French writer and thinker.


Hammarby out of the title race

As mentioned yesterday, I wasn’t in a very good mental shape due to my mind being preoccupied by the upcoming derby.

Råsunda, where AIK normally plays is also where we’re forced to play our home derby games. Same goes for Djurgården which in effect means that AIK plays 2 extra home games per season. The area around the “National arena” isn’t very pleasant at all and makes Shepherds Bush feel cosy and warm. I really dislike going there for derby games, even after a win you have a long ride home and if unlucky the firms from both clubs has put the old bill on their toes which makes the atmosphere tense and very edgy. All in all it is not a very nice place to go in order to “enjoy” a football match. Not only did I feel sick (coming down with a cold I guess) and had to visit a place I strongly dislike – Hammarby performed the worst second half of the season and just didn’t want to know. For the first 35 minutes Hammarby was by far the better team but judging from AIKs last 10 minutes we would be in for a very rough ride in the second half. After having got the worst possible start in the second half with AIK scoring the equaliser just two minutes after the break it was all downhill from there.

The 1-2 loss means that where out of the title race and the rest of the season will just be play for our honour and a spot in Europe next year. Speaking of Europe, at least we’re still in the UEFA cup! Not that I have much faith in us getting into the group stage of the competition after having seen our display yesterday, but judging from this season we seem to be more “up for it” when play international games.

To make matters worse, “the Unmentionables” (Djurgården, for those of you who are not in the know about the rivalry of the Stockholm football) went top of the league last night too. A sad, sad day!

It’ll probably take a day or two to recover from my disappointment. And god knows I need to recover quickly because on Saturday I’ll spend most of my day at and around Råsunda again. First, the team I coach will take on AIKs 15 year olds and then I’m going to watch Sweden versus Denmark.


Get your kicks from SW6

A most needed time for rest and time to let the team gel has started due to the International break. Obviously we, as well as most Premiership teams, have quite a few players away on international duty. Hopefully LS can make the most of the two weeks without Premiership action.***LS will have a good oportunity to try out some defensive strategies tonight when the reserves take on Aston Villa.


Apparently LS tried to sign Bobo Balde from Celtic last week but the defender turned both us, as well as Sunerland down and stays (for now) in Glasgow.


Sanchez is not done investing in the squad. He claims that he will continue to spend money on new players when the transfer window reopens in January. Hopefully he has managed to get all 15 newcomers to settle in by then.


As most of you know by now, Zat Knight had a tremendous debut for Villa yesterday and played a vital part of the victory over Chelsea. Scoring the 1-0 goal as well as being solid in defence. This has changed the tune on the Swedish Aston Villa forum a lot. Now it sounds like they have signed a world class defender. Villans, you just wait…


Tonight I’ll face my attention to the Stockholm derby. Hammarby takes on AIK in a season deciding derby (at least for Hammarby). Should Hammarby lose the chance to win the league will most likely be gone. Normally the Stockholm derbies proves to be hard to predict, but this time AIK has to be the favourites coming from a run of 5 straight wins.

As always when it’s derby day, I’m not getting much work done at work and can’t wait to meet up with the boys for a couple of pre-match pints.

Forza Bajen!


I just noticed that I have got a nice little plug for the site/blog at The HammyEnd Chronicle. Nice one Chopper!