Before I get on with what desperately needs to be done today, I thought I should just formally introduce our lovely new logo that new adourns the site.

It was the brainchild of Tim Hogan, who frequently comments here at It is an excellent depiction of what the site’s all about: the home fans at the Cottage and, of course, the unique Hammersmith End from where I – and many of you – roar our support on a matchday.

Tim very kindly did this for nothing, thereby completing our new look – which has been a hit with most of you. The very least we could do, therefore, is ask you to take a look at some more of Tim’s work. Thanks very much mate.

I must also just say thank you to Nick, Nick W, Lydia, the rest of the team who have contributed in the six years of and you the readers for making this so much fun. I receive a number of emails every week from Fulham fans all over the world – your kind words and loyal support make it all worthwhile.

Thanks very much and COYW!