Some might look at the title and disagree with me. On the pitch sometimes it’s hard to always ‘play nicely’ but there can always be a danger in being too nice as some have found out in the past. But I know the difference between being too nice and playing fair and can tell you that it is a very thin line sometimes.

Playing ‘dirty’ may or may not win you games but at the end of the day, if you take it too far- it’s cheating and it won’t feel right. However, playing hard but fair will win you games and you will feel good about it! I write about this because of the news of Fulham winning two fair play awards. Both the players and the fans won their respected fair play leagues and we were rewarded for it. I think this is excellent news and it has got the clubs academy £50,000 for improvements.

One thing that I think the academy will get out of this, is the nature of the club gaining the money. They will look up to the senior players and see the example of fair play and it will start to show. Hopefully, this example set by senior [players who ‘play fair’ will rub off on the younger generation. Just as long as it doesn’t take the passion out of the game!