A couple of weeks ago Fulham FC Girls brought three of their teams to the island Gotland outside the coast of Sweden. As yours truly has family ties as well as his summer house on the island I had to see them play, they are Fulham after all, right!

Let’s go back in time a little bit. To the Cottage Pub in SW6 after the 3-1 beating of Villa back in May. This was where and when we were asked to come along and see the girls play. We bumped in to some of the girls coaching staff and when they heard we are part of FFCSweden they asked if we knew anything about Gotland in Sweden as they had been invited to the P18 Cup there in late July. We sure did so we gave them some pointers and promised to come and cheer the girls on.

A promise is a promise so we were of course by the side lines for the U16’s first game, problem was however that their opponents were there but no English girls where to be seen. Eventually the team showed up, it turned out they had get lost when trying to find their way, by bike, from their quarters to the football fields. The girls had a quick warm up to our cheers and seemed both surprised and proud when we unfolded the FFCSweden flag.

It didn’t take long to realise that the Fulham Girls are really good and even if their coaches didn’t think the performance was good enough they won their first match by 7-0 (if my memory serves me right). We could only see three of the games the day we went to the tournament but by the time we left we felt very confident that the girls could go all the way. The goal difference to the girls after three games we’re around 22-1(!!).

When the tournament was summarised Fulham could return to England with two gold medals in U16 and U12.

Well done girls!