I was actually searching for something else on Youtube when I came across this magnificent piece of footage from the 1930s. You might recognise the ground.

In the video, the legendary coach Fred Spiksley, who was invited by Fulham to use their ground to make some instructional videos, asks his volunteers (Barrett and Oliver) to demonstrate the backheel and how to head the ball. Brilliant stuff.

Spiksley’s got something of a life story too. He was much-loved at Sheffield Wednesday as a brilliant footballer and started his international career with two hat-tricks for England and was the only professional player to represent the Corinthians. He became a celebrated coach once he finished playing – winning league championships across the globe (in Sweden, Mexico and Germany). He sounds rather like a much earlier version of Roy Hodgson.

Oh, and he was taken captive by the Germans in the First World War. I bet he had a few tales to tell.