I was a bit worried when I saw the recent chart-topper Lily Allen (pictured before our Cup tie with Manchester United earlier this month) had posed in an Aberdeen shirt, but I suppose she was busy promoting her album in Scotland.

The pop-singer daughter of lifelong Fulham fan, Keith, Lily has been going to the Cottage since she was a little girl. Some unsuspecting souls were the subject of a cruel wind-up on TIFF a few years ago when she had hit the big time with her debut album and an impersonator claimed to be Lily logging on from a foreign hotel. I don’t know whether there’s any truth to the scandulous rumour that she was asked to leave the West Ham directors’ box during our game at Upton Park because she was joining in with the Fulham songs.

What I do know is that she was gutted to miss the match on Saturday. Via Twitter (because all the cool kids are using it now):

Get in fulham (7.27am Mar 21st from Twitterberry)

I can not believe the one time fulham beat united at home, I’m not there.

Instead I’m rehearsing for ant and dec. So pissed off, but happy. (8.51am, Mar 21st from Twitterberry)

Does her recent musical success and public proclaimations of her love for the Whites bump Hugh Grant off the top of our celebrity fan league?