Even though we’re doing very well in the super-rich world of the commercialised world of Sky’s Premier League, I do often wonder just how much we’ve lost as modern football moves further and further away from it’s starting point as the game of the masses.

Fulham have pointedly refused to factor in the credit crunch when deciding their season ticket prices next season. At a recent fans forum, participants were asked how much more they’d be willing to stump up for their season ticket. The signs aren’t good for those of us hoping that we might follow in the footsteps of Sunderland and others and drastically reduce their prices.

Perhaps, they should take¬†their cue¬†from Villarreal, who have just announced that their unemployed season-ticket holders will be able to renew for free next season. It is refreshing to see that the continent, with clubs owned by the supporters, hasn’t lost touch with football’s roots.