We’ve penned a last-gasp letter to Santa and put the tree up, so all that remains for me to wish all our readers, some-time visitors and those of you who lurk in the comments box a very Merry Christmas from all of us here at HammyEnd.com

Fulham’s year has been eventful (to say the least) but its seems like we’ve ended it on a year. 2008 has seen us reestablish HammyEnd on a stable blogging platform and produce regular updates and new features on Fulham so you can follow the boys from near or afar. I hope you’ve enjoyed our return to form – the insane number of hits we’ve been getting recently suggests that you have.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a brilliant New Year. Hopefully, I’ll be back on Boxing Day with a look at the Tottenham game and a preview of our meeting with Chelsea but, like the rest of you I imagine, the festive schedule is pretty packed.

Since it is Christmas, let’s hand out a few treats.

We first used one of Orm’s photos on the site last season. As well as being a great guy, he isn’t a bad photographer either. His look back at the year catches the highs and lows of our Great Escape in full colour whilst some of this season’s shots are top quality too.

This film about Craven Cottage was initially used as part of the Fulham Supporters’ Trust’s campaign to get us home. Produced by Paul Couling, who has helped us time and time again with the design of this site, its reappearance on Youtube is a timely Christmas gift all of its own.

There was the small matter of our avoiding relegation last season too. Captured in all its glory by a video I will never get bored of watching.

Speaking of which, this pretty much encapsulates just how unlikely our glorious comeback at Manchester City was.

And what about our third goal on Saturday? A move to rival the one that opened the scoring against Manchester City last September. If that had been Ronaldo to Carrick to Rooney, they’d have been salivating over it from now until the end of time.

Merry Christmas, you lucky people!