We’ve been discussing the loss of the”feeling” of the English game lately on the FFCSweden-forum. We all have our own view on what makes the English game far superior to all other leagues in the world, it does however seem like we all have one true “feeling” that makes the game what it is to each and every one.

None of us has been able to put words to the personal feelings, but today I found a little You Tube footage that got to me. I have no relation to Shrewsbury Town FC or the old Gay Meadow but somehow the footage of the “good byes” of an old traditional ground kind of summed up some of my feelings of what have kept me hooked all these years.

In some ways I’d love to go back to the older times, but still keep the excellent football of the premiership. Back to the days of standing up watching football, getting the train to all away games, Saturday kick offs at 3pm etc. I know that I can’t have it like that, but one can dream!