Yesterday saw some countries play their last qualifying games for Euro 2008, for some that day is coming Wednesday.

  • Obviously I’m not very upbeat after the worst team selection by the Swedish coaches for many, many years. I can’t believe how sad line up we fielded and I’m in some sad way happy that Spain didn’t punish us harder than they did. We were CRAP all in all!
  • When we couldn’t make sure to qualify by our own merits we could have been given some help from Denmark if they would have snatched at least a point from their game at Windsor Park versus Northern Ireland. But no, Fulhams very own David Healey is still on fire for his country and scored the 2-1 winner ten minutes from time. Albeit the referee made a huge mistake when he missed (ignored?) the handball that should have given Denmark a late penalty.
  • Furthermore Norway faced defeat after Turkey came from behind and won in Norway by 2-1. Very sad, I really would like to get a chance to play Norway soon. Especially since they have passed Sweden on the FIFA rankings. Norway can still go through, but it is all in the hands of the Turks if they want to join Greece in the EURO 2008 finals.
  • Scotland suffered a very harsh defeat to Italy. Italy who scored the winner at Hampden Park, after a horrific decision by the referee, will yet again be in the finals to annoy me with their cheating antics and boring defensive play based on counter attacks. [Granted, Italy had a correct goal disallowed and the Scots goal was offside, but still very annoying.]

Shame on you, dammit!The only “good” thing about yesterday’s games is the Israeli victory over Russia which means that England is back in a position where it is up to them on Wednesday. Hopefully England can qualify but still get rid of Smiling Steve. Come to think of it, hopefully Sweden can do the same. Qualify, and still sack the management. [Not that it ever will happen, but one can dream]