I’m in great need of some (premier league) football to occupy my mind now.

As mentioned before I don’t mind following Sweden and take great pride in our national team, but it’s still not like following the Fulham (or Hammarby for that matter). The national breaks are inevitable but still too long in between games and the media focus is shifted towards the McLarens, Lagerbäcks, Gerrards, Zlatans etc. I care a great deal, but then again I don’t.

One thing about following Sweden is that it is much more enjoyable away from home. One reason for this is obviously the trip, the sightseeing, the comradeship between fans, the singing, all in all the adventure of being a travelling supporter. I try and get to most games at home but I always leave the ground with a feeling of emptiness even though Sweden most often gets three points at home. The reason for this feeling is most likely the lack of proper support and football ambiance in the ground. Way too many people are there on sponsor tickets and have no real interest in football as a sport, at most a pass time.

Credit where credit is due, things are slowly but surely changing. CampSweden are working hard in order to get more people to sing their hearts out and more fans to wear colours to the games. But as long as the SvFF (the Swedish Football association) will allocate around 50% of the tickets to sponsors we will have a hard time getting a proper support at home.

Tonight Sweden will “only” play a friendly so I can’t get myself worked up over that, I even have agreed to work late so I guess I’ll only see parts of the game.

The next competitive game for Sweden will be away to the “mighty” Lichtenstein in about a months time. That will be a trip to remember! Never been to such a small country before (only 27.000 citizens) but I am a sucker for the Alps so I’m quite sure it will be lovely. The town of Vaduz, where the game is played, is very small, so finding a decent hotel was hard. In the end we’ve decided to stay in Basel (Switzerland) and go by train back and forth to Lichtenstein before and after the game.

I don’t expect us to see a great game, but at least I’ll be one of very few people who ever went to Vaduz, Lichtenstein to watch a football game.

I’m babbling now! See what the lack of premiership footy can do to you!