Slavisa Jokanovic sympathised with the Fulham fans who made the trip to the Madejski Stadium, after the game was called off at half-time.

Heavy fog had hampered vision in the goalless draw with Reading, and the decision was made after the linesmen were apparently unable to see the full width of the pitch.

“It’s a shame for our supporters who travelled to watch the game, but in the end I can understand this decision,” he explained. “They said they couldn’t see the opposite side, and they decided to cancel the game.

“It’s not in my hands. I’m not the guy who can stop the game, who can make this kind of decision.

“I’m not involved in this but, like I say, I’m so sorry for our supporters. We play football for them. The linesmen explained to us that they could not do their job. So we’re going to play another day, and that’s it.”