Bit of drama up north at Grimsby this week. Manager Rob Scott did this – – and the Grimsby Chairman responded with this. Not Fulham related but it’s one of the first times I’ve seen someone go so indepth reacting to ‘boo-boys’ (a mate who watches them says ‘A large percentage of their supporters keep booing their players. Even when they come out before a game they’re booed before a ball is kicked. At least 3 of their keepers have had fans shoot their confidence down.’) so I thought it was an interesting read

TOWN chairman John Fenty has responded to Rob Scott’s post match actions on Saturday.

Mr Fenty said: “Naturally, many people have contacted the club and I directly, regarding the video posted on Youtube. There are those that think Rob showed passion in responding directly to fans baiting the managers and players and there are those that think he went too far.

“I have to say that the club cannot condone Rob’s actions but commend his passion and desire to progress this club.

“This episode gives me the opportunity to open a debate and get some things off my chest.

“It’s always been said it’s not the result, but Grimsby Town supporters do expect to see the players put a shift in. Unequivocally, to the last man, yesterday they had done that and yet dissent was at an all time low, when we so unfairly lost to Darlington.

“There can be no argument that the joint mangers are passionate about the club and under them, performances are beginning to improve after reshaping the squad once again with 10 or so new additions.

“I have to show my hand, over the years I have been sickened to the core at how some small sections (repeat small sections) of the fans have baited and singled out certain players and mangers.

“Anthony Williams, Phil Barnes, Nick Colgan are just three of many that I mention who have been crucified by these fractions.

“Needless to say football is a confidence game; therefore I cannot understand how anyone can justify some of the unforgivable abuse hurled at players. I find it really sickening.

“How can we say we’re in it together when these cruel and crushing actions smash player’s confidence?

“What is it, rubbishing our players even before they have kicked a ball without naming individual players. This is what the message boards do and breed. And yes, I do look and I am as human as the players and managers, and it hurts really bad.

“We are not saints but we do set out to do the best we can for the club. It’s just so sad that it has gone this far.

“Rightly we all want better and remember the Championship of 10 years ago, so do Rotherham, Crewe, and Stockport to mention three similar sized clubs.

“Our fall from grace was inevitable and there are no excuses for being in the Blue Square, but this is where we find ourselves.

“It’s not just a game, if we all want better then there needs to be a realisation that players and managers – however good they are, are our assets. It is they who at some stage will reverse our fortunes. ”

“Vitriolic abuse will only drag us down even further.”

By: A very dejected chairman who takes the ultimate responsibility and will again look to pick up the pieces as I love my club unreservedly.

note: I’m not suggesting Fulham has a boo boy problem or posting this with an agenda, I just thought it was interesting