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It looks as though Hull are planning to use Jimmy Bullard as an impact player tonight. Hopefully, with more impact on the crowd than the game.

Assistant manager Brian Horton hinted that Phil Brown won’t be taking any risks with the shaggy-haired nutcase.

It’ll be a very hard decision to either play him or not play him because it’s got to be right. Starting might be a little bit too much if he’s only had 45 and 70 minute run-outs.

He’s a fit lad but there’s no substitute for playing games. We all want him to play, the management team, the players and the fans, because he’s such a quality player.

Simon Maltby has done a great job with him but patience comes into it now.

All the talk about Bullard is understandable given the way he left. But Fulham should concentrate on playing the eleven that Brown does send out – and I’m sure Roy Hodgson’s doing just that.