Fulham striker Collins John will not be included in the Cottagers squad, for the Newcastle game, after being given time to consider his future.

The Dutchman was expected to join Watford last month, but after turning down the move Coleman says he still has a chance to fight for his future in west London.

Coleman said: “I have had a talk with him and told him to go away and think about things.

“Collins can come back here, get his head down and be part of the squad, or he can come back and we’ll do things the hard way. But if he does that, it will be a long four months.

“If he comes back and works hard then I’ll play him again, absolutely. It was different in the transfer window when he wanted to leave.

“I don’t know if he will leave in the summer – I thought he’d go in January.

“But at the moment he’s stuck and we’re stuck, so the best thing is for us to all get on and I hope that happens.”