FRANCK QUEUDRUE admits he grew sick of being Fulham’s answer to Alan Partridge after three months in a hotel.

The Frenchman, who made a £2million summer switch from Boro, has now been reunited full time with his young family after moving into a new home.

But like Steve Coogan’s comedy DJ holed up in the Linton Travel Lodge, Queudrue admits he was climbing the walls as a long-term resident.

Left-back Queudrue, 28, said: “It cost me a fortune paying for room service. It was so boring and like being in a cage.”

Queudrue admits he enjoys the hustle of London life. He said: “Living in London is busy, there is traffic everywhere.

“I went to Tesco on Sunday and it was crazy. You go to Tesco in Middlesbrough on a Sunday and you can hear the flies buzzing.

“It’s nice to be in a big city again — I’m from Paris so I like it busy.”

Fulham play Portsmouth today and Queudrue added: “It’s a good atmosphere at Fratton Park if you play for Pompey but if you don’t it’s hostile.

“I lost 5-1 there as a Boro player, Yakubu scored a hat-trick, so we went and signed him!”