Fulham manager Chris Coleman believes it was “about time” FIFA took a stronger line against racism.

The world governing body have called for all confederations and member associations to deduct points or even relegate clubs whose fans are guilty of racist abuse.

Their move has quelled a growing discontent within the game that punishments handed out following some recent high-profile incidents have been too lenient.

“Racism is part of society, not just football,” former Wales defender Coleman said. “There’s only one way to stamp down on it and that’s hard, and that’s obviously what FIFA have done.

“I’ve been involved in games myself and experienced a bit of it and I’ve players in my team who’ve experienced it a lot worse and it’s not nice.

“There’s no place for it in society, never mind football, so I’m all for that. If you’ve got mindless supporters who want to chant things like that – nasty things, abusive things – there’s no place for that.

“I applaud FIFA for coming out and being so strong in their views and it’s about time.”

FIFA’s new penalties range from match suspensions to deductions of points; three for a first offence, six for a second and relegation if there are further incidents.

They have also threatened to suspend associations from international competition for up to two years if they fail to impose the sanctions.