Chris Coleman was frustrated as Fulham failed to find an equaliser in their intriguing battle with Arsenal yesterday.

Fulham were beaten after an early Edwin van der Sar allowed Jose Antonio Reyes to score a simple winner but probably deserved a point on the balance of play.

Coleman said: “I’m pig-sick. I thought we did enough to deserve at least a draw. It’s ironic as Edwin is normally as sound as a pound but he’s had a bit of a brain-storm there and it’s lost us the game,” he said.

“He’s so confident that he tried it again in the second-half and it came off. If you try to knock that arrogance out of him, he wouldn’t be the same keeper. But it didn’t come off the first time and the ball was in the back of the net. He’s gutted, devastated.

“At half-time, he came in and held his hand up. But what’s the point of me getting on his back? He knows he’s done wrong. He’s had a magnificent season and could well be our player of the year.”

Coleman tipped Arsenal to complete an unbeaten season, but warned they would have to win either the title or the Champions League next season to be considered a truly ‘great’ side.

“Some people say they have under-achieved but they’ve won the title and they’re a terrific team,” he added.

“But I do think that if they’re going to call themselves immortal, great teams have to start winning back-to-back championships and the Champions League, like Manchester United and Liverpool have done in the past.”